Free Scripts and Tools

Select Visible or Occluded Objects

Working with complex models, especially files and models coming from CAD software can contain thousands, or tens of thousand objects and be a strain on 3dsMax. Often as much as 80-90% of the objects are internal parts. Things we are never going to show or see in the render!

This script helps you scan your models, and select ONLY the parts that are visible from the outside. It has the possibility to save you days of manual work on each model.

See our YouTube demonstration of the tool here:

This is a slow and free MaxScript version of the tool. If you like it please do not hesitate to contact us to let us know if it helps you out. It will help push forward a more streamlined, and faster version!

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V-Ray Multimatte/Object ID Handler

MultiMatte is an essential render element to any decent compositing work. There are different ways of handling it, but all are a bit cumbersome with lots of time spent on manual setup.

Our Multimatte Tool easily lets you set Object IDs to selection on objects with a mouse click. It automatically makes sure the ID given is unique, and sets up all render passes needed for you. Again it’s all about working smart, and saving time where you can. This free version only supports ObjectID, not MaterialID.

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FumeFX Settings Deep Copy

When working across multiple FumeFX grids and iterating settings, it quickly becomes a painstaking effort to make sure all grids will simulate and look the same way. One overlooked setting might result in re-rendering, or even worse, re-simulating grids!

This is a small part of our in-house FumeFX tools that easily lets you copy settings from your selected “Master Grid” to other Fume Grids. Fair warning it does not support effectors and color ramps in this version, but all the most common settings are captured

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Compact and Quick Link Locker

Just another handy, time saver tool. With one mouse click it lets you lock an object or camera in place.

How often haven’t you accidentally tucked the camera an inch by accident? This small tool saves you the time of going through menus and locking each axis individually.

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